Lampin Corporation has a long history as part of the strong manufacturing presence in Central Massachusetts and the Blackstone Valley region, birthplace of the industrial revolution.

In 1962, the Laminated Pinion Gear Company was started in Ashland, Massachusetts, by Harold Fairbanks, formerly with Telechron Clock. The company was recognized as an innovator in the clock and timer industry for their unique process of cutting metal and plastic-laminated pinion gears.

In the mid-1970’s, the company was sold to Harold Bushnell of Upton, who moved it to the Scott’s Woolen Mill complex in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. A few years later the company was purchased by Chuck Battersby, who renamed it Lampin Gear Division of Battersby Ltd.

In November 1982, the company was purchased by Scott Rossiter and renamed Lampin Corporation. The name change reflected both the evolution from laminated pinions to precision components and the company’s journey to a full-service engineering and machining supplier specializing in precision turning and instrument quality gears.

Lampin Corporation moved to its present five-acre site in 1985. To meet demand, the original 4,000-square-foot building has been expanded twice and now houses 22,000 square feet of networked CNC equipment operating 24 hours a day.

In 1990, the company purchased the assets of Johnson & Bassett of Worcester, including the line of MITRPAK Spiral Bevel Gear Drives that are now manufactured in Uxbridge and marketed worldwide through industrial distributors.

In 2001, Scott Rossiter sold a portion of Lampin to the employees through the company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) providing an opportunity for the people who had helped grow the business to share in its value.

Lampin became a 100%-employee-owned company in December 2006 when Scott Rossiter sold his remaining shares to the ESOP. At that time, Rick Mongeau assumed the day-to-day role as president.

In May 2012, William DiBenedetto took over as president, bringing with him a strong customer focus and a diverse background in manufacturing. Bill spent 18 years with Digital Equipment Corporation, responsible for Worldwide Product Operations, and has also successfully served as president for three other small- and medium-sized companies.

Following Bill’s retirement in 2017, Robin LeClaire was selected by the Board of Directors to fill the position of president at Lampin Corporation. As a long-time Lampin veteran for over 30 years, Robin brings a wealth of experience in almost every area of operations to her role.

Today, Lampin maintains its reputation for top-notch service and quality with our talented and experienced workers, our facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and our advanced management tools such as our Visual Manufacturing ERP system and our ISO 9001:2015–compliant quality system.