Howard Precision Products:

A Division of Lampin Corporation

Howard Precision Products manufactures small precision components and multipart assemblies for the medical, dental, aerospace and precision tool industries. Made from a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, titanium, brass and plastic. Specializing in turned products with or without secondary operations, our customers can rely on the problem-solving capabilities of a team of industry-leading machining specialists committed to finding innovative, cost-effective, reliable solutions for your precision machining needs.

History of Howard Precision Products

175 Years of Excellence in Precision Machining

Founded in 1842 as the E. Howard Clock Company, Howard Precision Products has a history profoundly connected with America’s industrial development. In a new nation at the start of the machine age, technological genius Edward Howard opened his shop in Roxbury, Mass to manufacture clocks and gold weighing scales. By the end of his career, he had established the first mass production of stem-wound watches and was renowned worldwide for precision instruments used in industry and scientific research. Among his revolutionary achievements were timepieces so accurate they were installed by the new railroad system in order to put trains safely on schedule, and patented electro-mechanical regulators which monitored watchmen when they inspected factories to prevent fire and theft.

After Edward Howard’s retirement, the Howard Clock Company continued to make precision equipment such as the Howard astronomical measuring device used in the Nobel Prize winning Michelson-Morley experiments to determine the speed of light. The company also produced precision components for the Defense Department.


Precision Manufacturing for the Modern Era

In 1986 Steven Abrams purchased the company, renamed it Howard Precision Products. Following the lead of the company’s visionary founder, Mr. Abrams introduced modernized machinery and manufacturing processes, allowing Howard Precision Products to work with customers in the medical, dental and precision tool industry.

Acquired by the Lampin Corporation in March 2016, Howard Precision Products continues its tradition of inspired, reliable precision machining as part of the Lampin product family.