Industrial End Tips

Lampin sets itself apart as an industry leader in manufacturing precision end tips, and takes pride in producing the highest quality parts from the highest quality materials. Lampin’s industrial end tips are turned on a Swiss lathe and can be created from a range of materials including stainless steel and aluminum.

Precision Machining Capabilities Creates High Quality Results

Swiss lathes are unconventional because the machine remains stationary while the part itself is moved during the manufacturing process, requiring a skilled machinist to perform these complex procedures. These machines are used to create small and detailed parts, like end tips, to precise specifications allowing an intricately designed part to come to fruition with Lampin’s signature attention to precision and quality.

Industrial End Tip Applications

industrial end tipsIndustrial end tips are used on the ends of fiber optic cables and connect one end of the cable to a light source, and the other end to the device, allowing the light to be directed and controlled. Lampin manufactures industrial end tips used in equipment that requires laser power or a powerful light source.

While medical end tips and industrial end tips may appear similar, there are important differences. Lampin works with customers in every phase of the manufacturing process, from design consultation to machining the tips to their exact specifications. While there are some common end configurations in the medical lighting industry, such as compatibility for Wolf, ACMI, Olympus, and Storz, industrial end tips rarely utilize the same design specifications due to the wide range of potential applications. While these tips have common features to fit the same power supplies, each industrial end tip design is tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

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