It’s the proverbial “win-win” scenario.

Companies are hiring interns in ever-increasing numbers, giving a new generation of talented young people the opportunity to work under real world conditions and providing them with valuable hands-on experience. For the intern, this combination has proven to be a clear advantage in the post-graduation workplace, especially in a tough job market. On the other side of the equation, the company is able nurture the relevant skills – and the loyalty – of their future workforce. It’s no wonder there has been a 30 percent surge nationwide in the number of high school-aged interns since 2001!

As an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) company, Lampin is constantly working to develop a pool of skilled personnel with a deep desire to pursue a manufacturing career. Guided by this long-term strategy, Lampin recently offered internship positions to four highly-qualified local students from the Blackstone Valley region. These students proudly represent Blackstone Valley Technical High, Millbury High School, Uxbridge High School, and Nipmuk High School. During their time at Lampin, each intern will be given ample opportunity to learn basic machine operations to better determine if they have the desire and skills to further themselves in our industry.

As an organization, Lampin is fully committed to helping these and other exceptional students develop their aptitudes in the manufacturing disciplines, helping to ensure a brighter and healthier future for the manufacturing industry in the Blackstone Valley.