Lampin Corporation recently presented a $16,000 check to Blackstone Valley Education Foundation. The check helps fund innovative grant proposals from member schools that encourage creative learning experiences by connecting the classroom with local businesses. Lampin has proudly made this donation annually for about 20 years and is deeply committed to developing the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Collaboration between area schools and the community benefits the students as well as local businesses. As explained in a previous blog, Lampin gives students the opportunity to learn about and gain experience in the manufacturing industry while also increasing the number of skilled personnel with a desire to pursue a manufacturing career. By nurturing the loyalty and relevant skills of these students, Lampin is able to constantly develop its current and future workforce. Loyal workforce benefits customers by ensuring that Lampin’s products, such as MITRPAK right angle gearboxes and spiral bevel gear drives, are delivered on time and of the highest quality.

Lampin is honored to help support the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation and its mission to shape pathways between education and citizenry.

Lampin Check

Lampin is committed to supporting the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation.