Lampin Corporation recently participated in a Career Fair at the Northbridge Public High School, the purpose of which was to make students aware of Lampin’s manufacturing presence in the Blackstone Valley. At the fair, Lampin taught students more about the manufacturing process, including what manufacturing is about: creating custom products from start to finish.

In addition to explaining the manufacturing process, Lampin went on to describe how its products are used on a daily basis, producing precision components such as gearboxes and timing pulleys to use in medical equipment, robots and in various other technologies. Lampin representatives helped students understand the manufacturing industry to better determine if they might have an interest in the industry. With that in mind, Lampin further encouraged the students to consider one of the company’s many internships. At the end of the day, students left the career fair with a better understanding of the different job opportunities offered by Lampin.

Lampin internships offer students valuable on-the-job training and experience. Students who have participated in a Lampin internship have a better understanding of the job market and are more marketable to recruiters. The skills gained from this type of training are often transferable to many professions a student may wish to explore.

This is all part of Lampin’s commitment to help develop the Blackstone Valley community’s workforce of the future.

Below are some pictures of Lampin’s President Bill DiBenedetto talking with students about careers in the manufacturing industry: