UXBRIDGE, Mass – Lampin Corporation, a critical component manufacturer, has announced that its Board of Directors approved spending more than $1.3 million on new capital equipment to be installed in 2015. The new equipment consists of state-of-the-art machining systems that will escalate Lampin’s capability to service sophisticated market demands. The goal is to add to Lampin’s production capacity, allowing them to increase capabilities and provide its clients with fast and efficient lead times.

Lampin, a lean enterprise, has developed a team culture that embraces change and continuous improvement. “Our employee-owners use state-of-the-art machine process software and systems to reduce waste. This has resulted in productivity and profit growth, “said President William DiBenedetto. “Our ability to invest in high-quality modern equipment is a testament to our rapid growth and commitment to customer service leadership.”

Lampin is planning to build on its strengths and leadership over the next several years. “We will continue to purchase leading edge equipment and demonstrate to our clients that we are delivering the best value in the business,” said DiBenedetto. “This same planning holds true for our workforce. We are hiring the best young students as interns and providing them with classroom and on-the-job training necessary to support our client needs well into the future.”

About Lampin Corporation:
Lampin Corporation, an ITAR-compliant and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, delivers critical component manufacturing expertise that goes beyond precision. Located in the historic Blackstone River Valley, Lampin is 100% employee-owned company. Lampin’s value engineering approach ensures that design, materials and process combine to provide the best value in the industry. Lampin also manufactures MITRPAK, the right angle gearbox and spiral bevel gear drive preferred by OEM and MRO customers desiring reduced risk, lower inventory, and improved asset availability. Learn more about Lampin and MITRPAK and sign up for the e-newsletters at www.Lampin.com.