UXBRIDGE, Mass. – Lampin Corporation has released FY2014 figures projecting a 70 percent growth in net profit margins compared to FY2013, with total revenues increasing by 22 percent over the same period.

Lampin President Bill DiBenedetto is excited by the fact the company is becoming more productive and profitable despite significant shifts to small quantity runs and much more programming demand from the marketplace.

“I’m very happy with these numbers,” said DiBenedetto. “It’s a strong testament in support of our LEAN Manufacturing practices.”

The year also saw the company focus on setup reduction and reducing lead times through improved workshop organization. The majority of the company’s cost is in labor and as much as 45 percent of that expense was being spent in production setup. During the past year, Lampin employee-owners were able to reduce overall setup times by one-third, generating a significant cost savings.

“Lampin’s gross margins improved because the company spent time and resources to capture and reduce operational waste thus increasing capacity to ship more revenue,” said DiBenedetto. “This added capacity came at a time when our clients needed it.”

DiBenedetto predicts that the coming fiscal year will yield even better numbers for Lampin. The company plans to spend the upcoming year improving its response time to increasing customer demand by bringing state of the art equipment technology on line in the first and second quarters.

“It hasn’t been easy,” said DiBenedetto. “You can’t get caught up in growth. You have to standardize practices and find something that works. This makes our manufacturing operation more formidable and strengthens the ESOP trust fund.”

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