Lampin recently visited one of itMITRPAK GEARBOXs manufacturing partners as part of production for an informational video about a popular product: the MITRPAK gearbox.


The foundry, located just 10 miles from Lampin’s headquarters in Uxbridge, has been in business for 47 years. Lampin works closely with the supplier to maintain quality standards in the production of MITRPAK gearboxes and more. It is here that the outer casings for the gearboxes are molded and poured. By tapping local suppliers, Lampin maintains an active role in every aspect of production, thus ensuring its material property specifications and consistent quality requirements are met.

“Our relationship with local sources is something we’re very proud of. We like to know where our materials come from and how they have been processed,” said Lampin’s Jay Milender, who added that working with the local foundry has been “a very positive experience for us.”

MITRPAK is Lampin’s leading brand of right angle gear drives. Leaders in diverse industries ranging from packaging to food processing to defense rely on MITRPAK for their power transmission and right angle gearbox needs. MITRPAK gearboxes are used in special applications where power transmission must turn a corner and the end-use environment cannot be contaminated by an open drive.

With such complicated needs in mind, Lampin adheres to strict quality standards for every step of the manufacturing process. The MITRPAK housings are sand cast from the highest-quality domestic aluminum to ensure low porosity, high material strength, effective heat dissipation and consistent product results. A high-quality casting at this stage of the gearbox assembly ensures the machining process is optimized to deliver precision assemblies that fit and perform beyond customer expectations.

“We’re very involved in the manufacturing process. It’s a part of our commitment to providing reliable products to our customers,” Milender said.

Looking back on his experience visiting the foundry, Lampin’s Engineering Manager Rick Caponi added, “They provide us with exceptional quality and service, and truly are our friends. Allowing us to video their process was a favor that demonstrates their generosity, consistent with our relationship over the years. They have been our vendor of choice for our gearbox castings for a long time, and will be for many more years to come.”