Lampin Part of the Week

This part is called a lens chuck! It is a crucial part made by Lampin as a component for a lens spindle assembly, which is used in lens grinding equipment to put the finishing touches on lenses for eyewear. The lens chuck holds the lens so that it can be spun by the lens grinding spindle during the shaping and polishing process.  It is crucial that the lens stays steadily in place during grinding to prevent flaws from distorting the results.

This part may look simple, but it is turned and milled in five different operations to meet the customer’s exacting specs! This naval brass lens chuck is produced by Lampin at the tightest possible tolerance of .0007”, resulting in a high-precision component that will work flawlessly within the lens spindle assembly. These assemblies are integrated into a larger piece of equipment by an OEM in Connecticut, and from there they are distributed to eyewear providers across the country. This technology has made it easy to dramatically reduce the time required to produce prescription eyeglasses from days or weeks to under an hour. If you’ve ever purchased a pair of glasses that were prepared for you on-site, you’ve clearly seen the benefit of this part!