Lampin provides turning and milling services for OEMs specializing in the fiber optic cable industry to produce a variety of precision components. Consumable fiber optic components need to be produced in large quantities to ensure there is always enough replacements on hand. For one client, this made inventory management a challenge, and so they chose Lampin.

Fiber Optic Assemblies for Medical Device OEMs & More

End tips for fiber optic assemblies are produced in bulk.

The fiber optic market has seen steady growth in the last decade, primarily due to a heightened demand for better bandwidth in data services and communication. Additionally, developments in laser technology for healthcare and dental applications have also created opportunities for growth in the fiber optics market. Fiber optic cables and laser beam delivery systems are used with increasing frequency to make medical procedures faster, less invasive and easier to recover from.

This particular client primarily produces fiber optic diffusers for photodynamic therapy that are able to deliver light into demanding geometries with higher uniformity, thereby minimizing trauma during medical and dental procedures. Lampin produces the consumable components for the client’s array of diffusers and fiber optic cables and manages their excess inventory via a Kan Ban agreement. Consumable fiber optic components include items such as end tips, handpieces, connectors and more. They are primarily made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum or plastic.

Machining Small, Lightweight Parts

Lampin provides turning and milling services to produce fiber optic connectors. With our state of the art TSUGAMI turning and milling machine, we are able to produce these small, intricate components in one operation for maximum product throughput without sacrificing quality. The parts are primarily made of aluminum to keep them lightweight. An anodized coating is added to help improve corrosion resistance. Finally, the parts are laser marked to identify the size and application of the fiber optic cable type it was made for.

Lampin has decades of experience providing turning and milling services for small components and assemblies. To find out more about our fiber optic cable component production capabilities, contact us today.