In case you missed the news, Lampin just added a gorgeous, brand-spankin’-new TSUGAMI TMU1R to it’s roster of turning and milling machines, and it’s already helping to streamline operations and maximize product quality. Looking forward, this new acquisition is expected to significantly enhance Lampin’s precision components machining services to it’s clients.

This is all made possible by the TMU1R’s ability to perform multiple turning and milling operations in one seamless process; reducing operations from a multi-step assembly requiring the use of multiple machines into a single-stage operation taking place entirely on one machine. With the capacity to apply up to 120 different machining tools to a single operation, the TMU1R is able to manufacture complex parts up to 38mm (1.49606 inches) in diameter and 250mm (9.84252 inches) in length, and do so using any machinable material a project may specify, including the most popular materials with which we work: stainless steel, aluminum, and delrin.

Prior to the arrival of this new addition to our production floor, complex orders could potentially experience delays in assembly caused by work being bottlenecked at machines that had already been tasked with the production of other, less complicated, parts. Now, even the most complex pieces are being turned and milled in one efficient step, eliminating potential choke points.

Another issue solved by the arrival of this machine is the inevitable variation in tolerances between various machines being used to produce a single part. These variations, when compounded together, have the potential to cause inaccuracies in the finished product. Because the TMU1R is able to complete the entire machining process without the need to remove the part and move it to a different machine for each stage, it is able to manufacture parts with higher tolerance requirements. This eliminates the need for handling between stages, thereby minimizing the potential for human error or cosmetic damage caused by foreign materials in the assembly chamber.

The addition of the TSUGAMI TMU1R is an integral part of Lampin’s overall strategy to expand output capabilities via equipment upgrades. With that in mind, plans are already in the works to add an Okuma MULTUS later this year.

We’ll keep you posted.