Two hands turning a shaft on a MITRPAK right angle gearbox

At Lampin, our employee-owners’ passion for all things mechanical often extends beyond the workbench. Recently employee-owner Tim Maloney noticed an eye-catching cameo while watching an episode of Texas Metal— a MITRPAK spiral bevel gear drive. While it’s not uncommon for MITRPAK gearboxes to be the go-to solution for hard-to-replace gear drives, seeing the television debut of our right angle drive in action was an exciting demonstration of just how versatile, powerful, and reliable a MITRPAK can be. 

The show follows a group of creative auto restoration professionals at Ekstensive Metal Works, led by owner Bill Carlton, who pride themselves on overcoming any automotive challenge and meeting even the wildest expectations. In this episode, titled The Family Falcon, the team at Ekstensive are restoring a 1965 Ford Falcon— a vehicle similar to a VW Bus— including engine, suspension, and steering replacement. As they begin to dismantle the vehicle’s original frame, fabricator Ryan Garner states, “This van’s got problems, I’ve got solutions.” In this case, MITRPAK was the perfect solution for this project’s challenges when it came to redesigning the steering system. 

MITRPAK Right Angle Gear Drive Offers A Versatile, Elegant Solution to Motion Transmission Challenges

two hands holding a MITRPAK right angle spiral bevel gear driveWhile most of the episode focuses on other aspects of the restoration, a MITRPAK right angle gearbox plays a pivotal role in solving the steering dilemma, which in turn is critical to a successful restoration overall. Due to the shallow depth of the vehicle’s front end and the newly-upgraded independent front suspension, the mechanics explain that the steering assembly will need to fit in some tight spaces and operate at an acute angle to direct wheels that sit behind the steering column. 

While installing the new shaft, the team tries to remedy the situation with a custom-made joint but discovers that the improvised solution will not provide the smooth, reliable steering mechanism they needed. Things begin to look desperate, but suddenly Tom Orlando, office manager at Ekstensive, emerges to present them with a MITRPAK R-101-C1. A custom bracket is fabricated to secure the new MITRPAK right angle gearbox in place. As they successfully test the steering mechanism relief washes over the stars of the show and Bill exclaims, “That’s exactly what we needed— problem solved, man!”  

Close detail of a MITRPAK right angle gear drive with a hand holding a custom bracket against it.

Choose MITRPAK Right Angle Gear Drives for Your Custom Application

Needless to say, we’re all excited to see a MITRPAK right angle gear drive being featured as the solution to a major problem on one of our favorite TV shows, but we’re not letting stardom go to our heads just yet. Aside from the coolness of being on TV and being a custom automotive application, this is a case study in practical engineering where a MITRPAK was a superior solution to getting motion around a right angle versus using multiple universal joints. MITRPAK gearboxes are perfect for use in a variety of situations and environments due to their versatility. From steering assemblies to stadium seating, there’s a MITRPAK for every job.

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