right angle gearboxes for adjustable stadium seatingRecently, MITRPAK® was approached by a company that designs custom automated seating solutions for stadiums and arenas. Their designs enable large venues to quickly and efficiently convert seating arrangements to accommodate different uses of the space—one design, for example, allowed rows of seating and flooring to be moved to convert a basketball court into an ice rink.

The customer came to MITRPAK® with several sets of designs, including a mechanism that shared a single motor between two individual scissor lifts. They were looking at multiple different right angle gearbox manufacturers and had found several international companies that offered very competitive pricing. However, these manufacturers wouldn’t be able to meet the customer’s needs for year-round, responsive customer service. The customer decided that the minor cost difference was not worth the challenges that would come with an international manufacturer because accessibility and maintenance were their top concerns.

When Long-Term Operational Security and Responsive Customer Service Are Priorities, Choose MITRPAK®

The customer sent multiple drawings of options they had considered. MITRPAK® engineers consulted with the customer to help find the right MITRPAK® right angle gearbox that would accomplish their goals. Our engineers worked with the customer to review every possible detailincluding gearbox weight, torque ratings, mounting dimensions, and the potential effects these variables would have on the overall system. The client opted for a more robust design option with a spiral bevel gear design to maximize the operational lifespan.

Our engineers used this information to guide the customer to a standard MITRPAK® unit that would meet their needs. Replacement parts could be ready to ship quickly, when required. This was especially important due to the nature of the spaces; in an arena that hosts many different types of events in the same week, it is necessary to resolve any accidental damage and restore functionality without delay. Because we are based in the USA, MITRPAK® is able to respond more quickly to potential service needs, especially in cases where safety may be an issue.

Due to the large size of the order and immediacy of the customer’s needs, MITRPAK® was able to provide several sample gearboxes for operational testing before shipping the full order, which included several hundred gearboxes. Additionally, we furnished specialized tooling and extra shear pins to make sure the customer had everything they needed to keep operations running smoothly and safely.

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