A happy maintenance worker in blue overalls maintaining a MITRPAK right angle gearbox in a manufacturing warehouse

You already know that a right angle gear drive can have everything to do with the efficiency of your machinery, especially if you’re working with demanding industrial applications. But there’s more to a good gearbox than just its on-the-job functionality. It also needs to be maintenance-friendly to minimize production delays while ensuring regulatory compliance. If you’re searching for a good right-angle gearbox (RAGB), here are a few tips to find the right one for you. 

Powerful Spiral Bevel Gear Drives for Industrial Applications

Spiral bevel gear drives were designed to be more refined but still versatile enough to handle a full range of applications, including food processing, textile, agricultural, packaging, military, material handling, and marine. When a fraction of a millimeter makes a huge difference, this drive is known for its tremendous control.

And if you need flexibility when it comes to motive force, this gearbox transmits power around the corner with aplomb. It’s why they’re often used in challenging locations (e.g., washdown processing, etc.), or to eliminate the possibility of contamination from an open-gear box. 

But servicing these drives isn’t always easy, depending on who makes them, why they were ordered, and which vendors provide them. And while it’s sometimes more cost-effective to replace than repair, this is not always the case. 

Selecting A Maintenance-Friendly Right Angle Gear Drive

Selecting a right-angle gearbox requires you to consider not only the operating characteristics of the drive, but also the ease with which the part can be accessed and serviced. Here are a few questions to ask that will help you make sure your maintenance goes smoothly:  


Is the Drive Serviceable?

As long as the spiral bevel gear drive is well made and properly sized, it should last for years in all but the most strenuous applications. Can the drive be accessed easily, and replaced or repaired in a reasonable timeframe? Consider the frequency and ease of access as a factor in your selection. 

Can Parts Be Ordered Without Delay?

There are few things worse than being told that your part is out of stock or not available at all. To minimize disruptions, confirm that all standard parts are both fully stocked and ready to ship on the same day. 

Is Technical Support Available?

There are some repairs that you or your team will be able to make on the spot without difficulty. But if you need someone with serious expertise, you’ll want to be sure help is available to troubleshoot both common problems and one-off emergencies. 

Does the Vendor Supply Instructions?

This can be the lifeline you need to determine everything from what type of grease you need to how to minimize backlash. If your vendor doesn’t supply instructions or supplies confusing and contradictory directions, it can quickly complicate matters. At MITRPAK, we offer basic written instruction for right angle gearbox installation and maintenance, and our engineers are always available to customers to help troubleshoot unique challenges.

Engineer-Recommended MITRPAK Spiral Bevel Gear Drives

Whether you’re an engineer, manufacturing equipment supervisor, or maintenance manager, you should be looking for a supplier that understands your needs. They should be able to quickly grasp what you need and respond just as quickly. At MITRPAK, our engineers have the expertise to help guide your selection and make sure you’re choosing a product that will provide the robust, reliable results you expect. We’re available to consult on selection and can help you assess the wide range of factors that will determine which right angle gear drive is right for you. Check out our wide selection of MITRPAK right angle gearboxes and get a maintenance-friendly spiral bevel gear drive that will work as hard as you do.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Spiral Bevel Gear Drives