Lampin Machining & Manufacturing Case Studies

Lampin Prototype Reduces Costs by 50%

Lampin has a long-term relationship with Coburn Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of computer integrated optical equipment. While designing the company’s new gemini™ lens processing system, Coburn engineers worked closely with Lampin engineers on the heart of the...

Meeting Market Demand in Direct Imaging Industry

Presstek Corporation, a leading supplier of direct imaging equipment, had a problem: Their pioneering technology was rapidly being adopted and their biggest customer was predicting a significant increase in sales. Lampin had always supplied the lens holder components,...

Advancing Surgical Innovation

Visualization Technology, Inc. (VTI) contacted Lampin when they needed help designing their revolutionary line of fluoroscopy-based surgical equipment. With more than twenty-five years of experience as a medical supplier, Lampin was able to help design and manufacture...

Sourcing Saves the Day

For more than 20 years, Titanium Ball Valve (TBV) has relied on Lampin for critical components. TBV supplies specialty valves with zero tolerance for external leakage. On a Tuesday afternoon, TBV realized it would be unable to meet a customer order because of a...

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