A major manufacturer of chicken processing equipment had a competitive gearbox failing every two to three weeks. Standard, dimensionally-equivalent, off-the-shelf MITRPAK drives were bolted directly into place and lasted only three months. MITRPAK engineers weren’t satisfied and asked to have the drives returned for examination. They found the units totally clogged and contaminated with waste materials and the caustic chemicals used in wash-down. The standard nitrile seals had failed. Consultation with the seal manufacturer produced the recommendation of a fluoroelastomer material. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be delivered for five months.

While the special seals were on order, MITRPAK machinists modified standard drives to accept double nitrile seals at all points of exposure. The “double seal” units lasted until they could be replaced with the fluoroelastomer boxes which continue to operate today with a normal life expectancy in an extreme environment.

MITRPAK spiral bevel gear drives outperform the competition because of superior design features including positive lip seals. The “double seal” option has become a standard feature that can be used in any model that might be exposed to similar environments.