To celebrate a successful quarter, Lampin Corporation recently held a company barbecue for our hard-working employee-owners. We started the day with our quarterly bonus meeting at which President Bill DiBenedetto and Director of Sales, Jay Milender congratulated the company on the quarter’s success.

Our employee-owners were treated to an amazing catered barbecue, including pulled pork and chicken with ice cream for dessert. Everyone enjoyed participating in several games on the company lawn such as volleyball, football and horseshoes. We ended the celebration with raffles and prizes ranging from gas cards, dinner and a movie to the grand prize of two box seat Red Sox tickets.

Lampin, an employee-owned company, is committed to reaching our quarterly objectives. We take on a heightened responsibility for our jobs and strive to consistently deliver the highest quality precision components and MITRPAK right angle gearboxes for our customers. Overall, the barbecue was a well-deserved celebration and opportunity to have fun as a team at the end of a successful quarter.

To view more photos from the barbecue, check out Lampin’s Facebook page here.


We enjoyed a delicious catered barbecue.


We had great fun playing volleyball.

Ice cream

We enjoyed ice cream after a fun game of volleyball.