UXBRIDGE — Recently, Lampin announced that it has added a new TSUGAMI TMU1R to its roster of turning and milling machines. The addition of the new machine is expected to streamline operations and maximize product quality. Lampin aims to significantly reduce lead times for precision components, greatly improving their ability to rapidly deliver custom orders.

This is all made possible by the TMU1R’s ability to perform multiple turning and milling operations in one seamless process; reducing the number of operations for a multi-step part requiring the use of multiple machines into a single-stage operation taking place entirely on one machine.

With the capacity to apply up to 120 different machining tools to a single operation, the TMU1R is able to manufacture complex parts up to 38mm (1.49606 inches) in diameter and 250mm (9.84252 inches) in length, and do so using any machinable material a project may specify.

“Our ability to invest in high-quality modern equipment is a testament to our rapid growth and commitment to customer service leadership,” said Lampin’s President Bill DiBenedetto. “We will continue to purchase leading-edge equipment and demonstrate to our clients that we are delivering the best value in the business.”

Because the TMU1R is able to complete the entire machining process without the need to transition to a different machine for each stage, Lampin is able to manufacture parts with even higher tolerance requirements. This also eliminates the need for handling between stages, minimizing the potential for human error or cosmetic damage caused by foreign materials in the assembly chamber.

The addition of the TSUGAMI TMU1R is an integral part of Lampin’s overall strategy to expand output capabilities via equipment upgrades. Plans have already been put into motion to add an Okuma MULTUS later this year.

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