A spiral bevel gear drive is much more than a commodity part. It is a complex machine component precisely engineered for your needs. If your application is at all out of the ordinary, you must find a vendor that provides problem-solving expertise and customization. A customized right angle gear ensures smooth, durable, reliable operation for high-volume jobs.

Custom Right Angle Gears Fit Your Design and Application Requirements

Gear drive vendors play a crucial role in customization, particularly when dealing with high-volume jobs. The experience and resources these vendors provide can help cut costs and design time, simplify the design and engineering process, and reduce the risk of costly redesigns or repairs. A good vendor can provide you with customization guidance and feedback that will ensure greater asset availability and improve performance for long-lasting equipment life.

Lampin has machined and assembled MITRPAK® right angle gear drives and components for over thirty years. MITRPAK® gear drive components can be customized to meet the specific performance requirements of an application. Gearbox components that can be customized or adjusted include:

      • Housings
      • Gear materials
      • Roll pins/dowel pins
      • Plating
      • Locknuts
      • Seals
      • Shafts
      • Bearings
      • Lubricants

These components may need to be modified to suit special needs.

Custom, Adjustable MITRPAK® Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gears Provide Peak Performance with Minimal Backlash

MITRPAK® Power Transmission Products specializes in spiral bevel gear drives by putting intense focus on fast, responsive customization. By ordering MITRPAK® right angle gear drives customers can receive custom, precise spiral bevel gearboxes that perform under the toughest conditions.

Before you go through the ordering process, make sure you understand the vendor and the specific capabilities of their machines. Query prospective vendors closely on their suitability for difficult environments, ease of repair, noise levels, sizes, ratings, and customization possibilities. With careful attention to vendor choice and product specification, you can obtain the right spiral bevel gear drive to deliver optimum performance over a long service lifetime.

For more information, contact the MITRPAK® experts today.