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Lampin Announces Acquisition of Howard Precision Products

UXBRIDGE, MA, March 1, 2016—Lampin Corporation, the employee-owned manufacturer of precision parts and components, is expanding their business with the acquisition of Howard Precision Products (formerly the E. Howard Clock Company). Like Lampin, Howard Precision...

New Okuma Multus Boring and Milling Machine Installed at Lampin

The Big Bore machine is finally here! At Lampin, we continue to expand our impressive machining capabilities with the addition of an Okuma Multus U3000 boring and milling machine. This larger-than-life behemoth will help Lampin take on new and exciting machining...

Part of the Week!

This part is a tap adapter bushing, more commonly called a voltage sensor. It is used in power transformers to monitor the flow of energy in the coils. If the flow is too low, it signals the engineers that the power distribution grid needs maintenance! Many materials...

Local Students Tour the Lampin Machine Shop for MFG Day 2015

On Manufacturing Day 2015, Lampin hosted local students to provide a first-hand look at a modern manufacturing floor. We wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness about the career opportunities in the Massachusetts manufacturing industry and address the...

Part of the Week

  This part of the week is called a fiber grip! This is part of a fiber optic assembly for cosmetic laser surgery equipment; however, you’ve probably seen this pattern on many handheld objects, providing a surface that won’t slip out of your grasp. Lampin...

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